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Photo Cover and New Way of Photos

Photo of Pitts Meadow entitled "Perfect Pink" in Canada by James Wheeler -- James Wheeler's photos (portfolio)

I searched far for a cover image for my poetry book, and I found James Wheeler's photos of landscapes that had wide open skies, the kind of skies that make a mind wander and dream. I chose this one photo of Mr. Wheeler's: Pitts Meadow in Canada. Amazing that he takes 15,000 photos a year! Since I have selected his photo I have found out that Mr. Wheeler is co-founder of this new way of selling photos including limited edition prints in the international market: Photerloo!

From what I understand this is more for professional photographers, but others can do it, too. I found it fascinating because right now there's so much intellectual property out there being used and copied. Who owns what, and is it okay to use these?

This is Photerloo! You can sell photos through them and it will distribute your photos to stock photo sites and other online platforms so you have more exposure. Selling photos with Non Fungible Tokens (NFT), a digital image reminds me of the digital images of Bitcoin. When you sell the original, full pixel photo, whoever buys it with the NFT they are buying the RAW photo from the camera. Some of my friends are fine amateur photographers, and there are ways to sell photos online to stock photography sites or through Photerloo! I don't have the fancy camera with the Zoom lenses, but they do.

I'm also posting a link to Photerloo. Welcome to a new world!

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